Just another opinionated progressive…

My name is Will. You will quickly realize that I am no poet, literature major or even an average person with good grammar. I will do my best though. I am bothered a lot by politics and religion and therefore you will likely see a lot of posts about those topics. Many think I lean toward the left end of the political spectrum. Those people may be right and they may be wrong. I really consider myself a libertarian leaning independent though because I really don’t believe in deciding an issue before you know what the issue is and therefore I don’t call myself a democrat or republican. There have been times in my life in which I have been both. They both have some great values, and they both have some serious flaws. I have relatively middle of the road views I think, BUT I believe in progressing as a nation, as a society and as a culture. I have a lot of libertarian views. I have a few liberal views, and I have many conservative views.

I believe it is the government’s job to protect people. Laws are to be passed for the safety and protection of the citizens. If a law or regulation is being passed to help or protect then it is being done correctly. There will certainly be more on my views on this in a post or two.

I believe in the rule of law for all people. I also believe in equal protection under that law for all people.

I believe in religious freedom. I believe everyone has the right to worship however or whomever they wish as long as it doesn’t infringe on someone else’s rights. You also have a right to no religion and not to have any religion pushed upon you.

I believe in a free press. I believe all press should report the news and not comment on it. This is why nearly every news outlet today is flawed. The right attacks CNN and NBC, the left attacks Fox News. Guess what, they are both right. All of these news organizations give commentary. We need to separate commentary and pundits from our news. We need an unbiased reporting of the news. We need to bring back the days of Walter Cronkite. Entertainment channels are the place for commentary and pundits.

I have some interesting views on the second amendment and gun rights too.

I also believe politicians need to quit lying and dodging questions. They all do it. It has not gotten to the worst point in our history. They need to be responsible to the voters. We have a right to know, and we have a right to the truth.

Why did I create a blog?

No, I am not some narcissistic jerk who thinks I know everything. Well, actually that might be partly true, but I really am pretty open minded and I genuinely love people. I created this so I can share my thoughts in hopes of making others consider them and possibly engage. This is a better platform than social media because it’s not “in your face” if you don’t want to see what I post, you simply don’t have to read it. It’s not going to show up in some feed that you have no choice but to look at. Again, anonymity is important to me too because I will be sharing some private information on occasion. I have a lot of experiences which effect my views and in order to share both I have to remain relatively anonymous or people in my life suffer the consequences.

My Background

Make no mistake, I am a normal human. I portray myself in a much better light than I deserve. I have done bad things in my life. I feel terrible about them and have paid a huge price for it. I will continue to pay for the rest of my life. I don’t talk about those things much, but I want the world to know, I’m not a great person. I have done wrong. I don’t feel that those facts make my opinions or existence on the earth any less valid. Also, I have grown up a tremendous amount since the days I did those things. I have learned a lot about myself and humanity.

I am hoping to create a “life story” here, but I will give you a quick synopsis of who I am. I was born and raised in the Midwest. My father went to prison when I was two years old and my mother was still a teenager. My mom was 15 and my dad was 18 when I was born. I have two younger sisters. Growing up we were dirt poor and my mother struggled to survive, raise us, and grow up herself in the process. There were abusive men, drugs, alcohol and all the things you hear about with these types of scenarios. Our saving grace were my great grandparents who swooped in on occasion to save us from whatever the crisis of the day was. Whatever good is in me is due to a select few people most of them share no genetic attachment to me. I was emancipated at the age of 15 and went through high school on my own, living with friends and eventually getting my own apartment. I loved school. I graduated and became a 911 dispatcher the summer of 2001. 9/11 had a huge impact on me. Working in public safety made the events of that day difficult on everyone I knew and worked with. After a couple of years I moved on to working at a Sheriff’s Office as a dispatcher and jailer and after another year went on to Police Academy and became a Police Officer. While I was a police officer and beyond I took college classes I had taken some in High School and enjoyed them, but could never settle on a major. As a police officer I had a soft heart and colleagues often reminded me that I was a cop and not a social worker. I had my own psychological issues and had relationship issues for years. I eventually left law enforcement and started my own business as a photographer and later working on computers on the side.

I got married, but it only lasted a few years and then my life started falling apart. I left my rural home and moved to a large city where I met my current wife and my life began to get better.

I started a new technology business. I had gone to a Vocational School for Technology and Networking and had always loved it so it was a great fit. I enjoyed being my own boss and the challenges that came with running a small business. For the record I wasn’t one of those out of the back of my vehicle or home computer guys. I had an actual store front and was relatively successful. I had employees and we did our best.

I now live in the Pacific Northwest… who knows what’s next.