So, I’m a dad. I know I haven’t spent much time on my family, but my little boy is my life. He is 2, nearly 3 and he is addicted to Blippi. I am writing this mostly for any other parents out there. If you haven’t discovered Blippi boy are you missing out.

Blippi is the alter ego of Stevin John, a 30 year old youtube star. He started his career in the Airforce as a loadmaster. After serving he bounced around a bit doing odd jobs and started working in branding, film, and other online media. He was inspired by his toddler nephew to create Blippi to provide free online educational content for kids. He focuses on topics kids like and teach them values in a traditional Mr. Rodgers fashion with a modern twist.

My son is glued to the TV when he is on, and I don’t feel like I have to worry about him picking up negative things. Today you have to be careful with things like Spongebob, which are certainly funny as an adult, they can be harmful to a kid who is absorbing every little thing.

As someone of Blippi’s generation (I of course am a fair amount older) I appreciate his commitment to quality educational material, while maintaining the free platform of youtube. He does have a website, where you can support him by buying promotional content and whatnot. I would encourage you to do so since most of things things kids love anyway.

If you would like to more about Blippi, here are some links:

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