Kim – Trump Summit

So, this will be my first real post with a focus on Donald Trump. Let’s be clear, I have been a democrat and a republican in my lifetime. I was a small business owner. While I consider myself a progressive, I also have conservative and libertarian values. I should probably dedicate a post to my political views as to explain myself better.

Either way, yesterday Donald Trump met with Kim Jong Un. This is unprecedented no matter what your opinion of it is. I want to address my positive thoughts first.

You wont often hear me say this, but I support Trump in this endeavor. There are a lot of ant-Trump folks who criticized him for his hateful rhetoric about North Korea and now are criticizing him for talking to them. I criticized him for his ratcheting up the rhetoric and getting us closer to war. I believed that was the wrong approach. I believe the correct approach is always diplomacy and I think a genuine dialogue is the way to do that. A face to face meeting is a great idea. I also don’t think preconditions are a necessity. I wouldn’t have even criticized him for coming out of the meeting without gaining anything. I don’t think it is a failure. I think the prospect of a second meeting is a success.

HOWEVER, what did happen was that an “agreement” was signed that was completely vague and unenforceable. Additionally, without anything being given up from Kim, Trump announced we would be stopping our joint military exercises in South Korea. This was something he has wanted as well as his father and grandfather for years. This wasn’t part of the signed agreement. This was ultimate appeasement without anything in return. I would completely support it because I agree it’s a waste of money, but only if we get concessions from North Korea. This is like giving Israel the embassy in Jerusalem. This man who is supposed to be the master deal maker gives everything away without getting anything in return.

So, the conservative pundits are already calling for Trump to get a Nobel Peace prize for this. Frankly, I think that is a bit premature. Trump himself is boasting he has done what no other President has ever been able to do and brought us back from the brink of Nuclear War. The biggest problem with this is he is taking credit for fixing a problem that he created. No, he didn’t get us in this mess with North Korea, but he certainly escalated it.
So perhaps he will be successful in the long run with this endeavor. I genuinely hope he is. You would be a fool to not want him to succeed. I don’t care what you think of Trump, this is a step toward world peace if it is success. Realistically, I don’t believe he will succeed. I don’t think he has the proper skillset or mentality to make it work. We are seeing serious double standards with so many things regarding this matter, including the Iran deal, which he ripped up.

Additionally, he has made so many statements praising Kim Jong Un already. When pressed on the matter, he stated that if he is wrong in 6 months, he will likely make up an excuse rather than admitting he was wrong.

So the jury is still out on how successful this will all end up, but at this point it very much is not.

What really makes me angry about this whole fiasco though is the hypocrisy on the right. See video below.

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