List of things Trump has ruined…

  1. THE CREDIBILITY OF THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: He constantly lies, he doesn’t understand how things work, and he has no political knowlege
  2. With his rhetoric he has heightened nuclear tensions in Asia
  3. He has convinced his party that Russia is now our friend, right after they handed him an election
  4. He is threatening to pull out of NATO and alienating our allies with more hateful rhetoric
  5. Dropped out of Paris Climate Accord
  6. Dropped out of Iran Nuclear Deal
  7. Dropped out of UN Human Rights Council
  8. Destroying every environmental protection for the past 30 years (this could be a list of over 30 items by itself)
  9. Imposing Tariffs on our allies (hurting American producers)
  10. Insulted our allies at the G7 and was the only member nation not to sign the resolution
  11. The DOJ and FBI: he is constantly attacking them and their credibility, which is so anti-republican, but they no longer care
  12. Our reputation abroad: We are now a human rights abuser, we have no credibility because he has backed out of so many deals and he has belittled our allies so much that they are forming new alliances and excluding us. There have even been threats of sanctions against the US from the European Union.
  13. One of the worst, which he didn’t cause but, he has compounded is the division of our own nation. If he hadn’t won perhaps we could have began to heal, but he has taken an open wound and inserted a rib spreader and started winding. If he serves 2 terms, one, or even if he is impeached tomorrow, I don’t know if we can bounce back this time. I see it in myself. I used to be a Republican, now if I come across one I wince and wait to hear what they think of this maniac, hoping they are “one of the good ones”.

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