My First Smoker

So I finally bought my first smoker! I love smoked meat. I am a Midwestern boy and I love barbecue and home-style country food. I enjoy places like Dickey’s but the little hole in the wall places are the best barbecue.If you are ever in the St. Louis area the best barbecue (other than my own) I have ever had is at Super Smokers. It is a must have. Their homemade applesauce is the best side for anything and the barbecue nachos are amazing. EVERYTHING is good though. Check them out at I haven’t visited since their new ownership, but I sure hope it’s the same.

Now that I rambled off topic a bit, back to my smoking…. I have always wanted to smoke my own ribs. I discovered that I absolutely loved ribs when I was 18. Believe it or not I had never had them before and I tried them at Ruby Tuesday’s. I was in love! I have made them in the crock pot ever since. I like them fall off the bone and they always came out great that way. The problem was I could never get that great smokey flavor. I tried liquid smoke and smoke seasoning, but it wasn’t the same. I do my pulled pork and other similar slow smoked things in the crock pot as well.

Last month when my wife’s sister and her husband visited I decided it was time for a smoker. I read up online and looked at the options. The gas are great, but temps are a lot harder to control and nobody likes overcooked meat. I nearly bought a little portable propane one since we like to camp, and may yet get one, but for now I opted for the Masterbuilt MES 130B. I got it on sale for $150 which was a great price for an introductory smoker I thought. Most start around $300. This one is digital and has a timer. The higher models have a remote and a probe, but I have my own probe thermometer so none of that really mattered to me. The one really nice feature is the chip loader on the right. You can add chips without actually opening the door and letting heat out.

So my ribs ended up to die for. I rubbed them with my own secret dry rub. Then let wrapped them and put them in the fridge overnight. Today I went and let my smoker preheat to 225 degrees. I placed each rack of ribs on a rack in the smoker with half mesquite and half hickory chips and smoked for 3 hours. Then I brought them in and wrapped them in foil adding a little apple juice to the the foil pouch and let them go another hour and a half.

These were literally the best ribs I have ever had. And that is saying something because I have had a lot of ribs in my day, but never with enough of this perfect smoke.

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