The problem with Law Enforcement

I am of the opinion that the overwhelming majority of officers are great public servants and I will support them until the day I die. With the commonality of cameras now though we are seeing the bad apples so much more. This is a good thing though. It prevents the cover ups and allows a movement for accountability. I believe it will take time though, there are some deep rooted problems in law enforcement. The reason they have survived as long as they have is because law enforcement is a brotherhood, a strong fraternity whose bond isn’t easily broken. This in itself isn’t a bad thing, but as with any family it’s hard to believe others, especially those you see as bad guys and outsiders over those you are closest to.

We allow those with deep rooted biases to sneak into our law enforcement agencies. Also those with anger management, superiority and fear issues. These are the things which need to be much more heavily screened. We will never eradicate these completely in any occupation but we MUST do better with law enforcement.

These problem individuals harm our society from mere harassing traffic stops and tickets to unjustified shootings based on fear, anger and yes even at times racism.

I believe it is fixable but it requires a better understanding of law enforcement and its culture from the outside and within. So many on one side want to hate all cops, the other end of the spectrum want to blindly support all cops no matter accusations or proven wrong doing, they believe it to be unpatriotic to question this profession because of how noble it is. Both are wrong.

All first-responders just like our soldiers on the battle field are the bravest we have and know what true sacrifice means. We should respect these professions, but always remember that mere men (and women) make them up and as such are flawed, sometimes to the point they shouldn’t be in the profession. We must not protect the bad apples from accountability and we must hold the good ones up as the shining examples of our society and the real superheroes our children should look up to.

I’m no longer a police officer and haven’t been for several years. My reasons are a combination of my own demons and not being able to tolerate some of what went on. I was and today am nothing more than the average guy, but I try to see things as objectively as possible.


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