Angry Woman Talking …

This, surprisingly, isn’t something I’m posting about vaccines or masks. This goes on about every topic under the sun, so I want to address it. There are many who claim to be experts on government and civics and all kinds of fun things, but then make fools of themselves.

This lady flat out says that this is a Republic and then in the next breath demands a “re-vote” “of the people”. A republic by definition is representatives voting to make decisions for you. You don’t get a vote.

The founding fathers didn’t think you were smart enough to run the country and vote on things so they wanted more educated people do it through elected representatives. Sadly, this lady is proving them right.

Both parties use these topics as talking points when it suits them, but if you are going to do it, know what they mean. ie. Republic, Electoral College, Filibuster, Democracy, Democratic-Republic, Communism, Socialism, Identity Politics, Racism, Elites, Working Class, Career Politician, Radical, Fascist, Patriot, Establishment, Landslide, Mandate, Dark Money, Feckless, Impeach, Grand Jury, Dog Whistle, Law & Order, Flip Flopper, Pro-Choice, Lame Duck.

I’m going to start trying to cover some of these since somebody needs to post the stuff somewhere so people can learn before opening their mouth and looking stupid.

For those who don’t understand the law and law enforcement’s job, this is what happens when you don’t leave upon request. And yes, a school has the right to ask you to leave.

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