Trump keeps creating problems so he can appear to fix them…

The first that comes to mind was a problem Trump didn’t create, but didn’t even exist. That didn’t stop him from telling us it did. Trump over and over during his campaign claimed the economy was weak and that Obama did damage. When in all actuality Obama inherited the worst economy since the Depression and he brought us back from it. The economy had improved significantly and was continuing when Trump took office. Of course all president’s love to take credit for their predecessors accomplishments when they can. However, we have also seen Trump fooling with factors which have negatively affected our economy and the Dow has responded negatively. When this happens he never take any responsibility. He is always tweeting taking credit for the low unemployment and high numbers on Wall Street. Within 6 months though things are going to be hurting as we feel these Tariffs. Lets see if he takes any responsibility for that. We all know what the answer to that is though.

The second issue he decided to turn in to a crisis that was just fine was DACA. In an effort to score political points with his base and try to squeeze congress into passing funding for his stupid wall he ended DACA. He had that big meeting with members from both partys and both houses and sounded so positive. He wanted a “bill of love”. He thought this made it look like he was fixing the problem that he had created. Then he took advice of the hardliners in his administration and tanked the whole thing.

Then there is North Korea. From day one, Obama told him that this issue was the most dangerous there was and it needed to be handled delicately. What did Trump do? He ratcheted up the rhetoric. He threatened his own attack, which was North Korea’s fear all along and the reason they are developing Nukes. He kept it up for a year, then announced he was doing what no one else had done, he was meeting with Kim Jong Un. The meeting happened after he threatened and then did call it off. As soon as the meeting was over we found out there was nothing binding that came out of it. This would have been fine though. It was an initial meeting. That in itself could have been a success with the promise of more meetings. NOPE! Not Trump, in typical Trump (and Ironically George W Bush) fashion, he declared “American’s can sleep well”, we are safe now. WTF? He hammered prior admins for trusting NoKo and giving concessions without getting anything and then he does the same thing, but he is claiming he fixed it all.

Then he starts a new immigration problem. He has his little Keebler Elf (Atty Gen Jefferson Beauregard Sessions) who might be a bigger racist than he is, announce a new zero tolerance policy on immigration. Previous administrations had handled illegal immigration through a civil process. This process allowed immigrants to get their status determined and appear in court within a year. Usually, unless they were wanted or committed a crime in the US while they were here they were allowed to be out in the community with their families. Under this new policy, EVERYONE who crossed the Mexican border is arrested. They claim that is not true, but we are hear those who claim asylum and enter through ports of entry are being arrested to. Illegal entry is a misdemeanor, any “American” who commits a misdemeanor is nearly always released with a summons to appear in court. The Trump admin wants to send a message though. They lock up the parents, take away the children and lock them up most times in another state. Many times, they lie to the parents on what is happening, they have said they are taking them for  a bath and then the child never returns. Well after a couple of weeks of outrage by 2/3 of the country including many Republicans (other than those on Fox News who support everything Trump does) we have the announcement that Trump is going to sign something today to end this family separation policy. He has again created a problem and now he gets to be the one to fix it. The Trumptards out there will think he is the greatest guy ever to fix another problem caused by the Democrats. The rest of us who can use our own brain know he is 100% at fault and is just cleaning up is own mess!


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